Ghana, rich in agricultural resources, timber, gold and other valuable minerals, abundant with educated skilled and enterprising people, blessed with a stable form of government and dedicated to the principles of free enterprise, has long been seen as one of Africas most promising countries.

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Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana
H.E. Salma Frances Mancell-Egala

First President of the Republic of Ghana
Kwame Nkrumah

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Public Holidays


The Embassy of the Republic of Ghana, Upon review of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which appears not to have declined, has decided to suspend visa services, with effect from 1st April, 2020, until further notice. Meanwhile, for other services, and in emergency stiuations, Ghanaians are entreated to contact the Embassy electronically through the under-mentioned details:

+90542 817 0819
+90539 312 2504

+90544 781 5922
+90543 821 2050
+90543 724 5474


Ghanaians in Turkey and countries of concurrent accreditation are advised to avoid non-essential social gatherings and are entreated to comply with the precautionary measures laid out by the Ministry of Health of their country of residence and that of the World Health Organization which are aimed at keeping them safe.

             TRAVEL ADVISORY

      1. All travel to Ghana is discouraged until further notice.
      2. Any traveler, except for Ghanaian citizens and persons with Ghana residence permits, who, within the last 14 days, has been to a country that has recorded at least 200 cases of Covid-19, will not be admitted into the Ghanaian jurisdiction. Airlines are instructed not to allow such persons to embark. Border posts are instructed not to allow such persons into the jurisdiction.
      3. There will be a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine for persons who are otherwise allowed to enter the Ghanaian jurisdiction. Guidelines for self-quarantine will be available at the various Ghanaian ports of entry. Enforcement protocols are being deployed in collaboration with state security and health authorities. Persons determined to be unable satisfactorily self-quarantine will be quarantined by State.
      4. Item one of this statement takes immediate effect.
      5. Items 2, 3 & 4 take effect at 1pm on Tuesday March 17th. 2020.