The Ministry of Health through the Ghana Health Servise is implementing the digitization of COVID-19 test results for ease verification prior to travel and upon arriving in the country. Ghana has become the first country in ECOWAS to deploy a system for digital verification of COVID-19 PCR test results based on the African Union Trusted Travel and ECOWAS BIOMARS standart.

The technology platform, powered jointly by the Ghana Health Service and the PanaBIOS Consortium, covers all the authorized COVID-19 PCR testing laboratories in the country, and should help stop the circulation of fake test results, which if tleft unchecked would damage the counrty’s effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 infection through imported cases.


All traveler, Airlines and Diplomatic Missions, Port Health, COVID-19 testing laboratories and all other relevant stakeholders in Ghana are to be informed that only test result of certificates bearing Trusted Travel or BIOMARS codes will be considered valid for travel out of Ghana from 21’st April, 2021. Travelers arriving in the country must usa a tool made available through the UNDP-supported Global Heaven partnership ( for COVID-19 PCR test results certificate verification.


All travelers are strongly encouraged to sign up for accounts on with the same e-mail address and mobile numbers they provided to the laboratories during testing.