Business Visas

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From Turkish Companies

  • A letter in (ENGLISH) from employer or Business confirming your status.
  • Certificate of incorporation of the company.
  • Tax clearance certificate of the company.
  • Evidence of employment covering copy of contract, pay slips, personal Bank statement etc.

Invitation From Ghana Companies

  • Letter of invitation from person(s) of institution(s) in Ghana inviting the applicant.
  • Two references are required. Please supply the Names and Addresses of Business Assocaties and their Companies as references in Ghana.
  • A hotel may be used only as a second reference.
  • Certificate of incorporation of the Ghanaian company.
  • Certificate to Commence Business of the Ghanaian company.
  • Tax clearance certificate of the Ghanaian company.

Single Entry Business Visa (Must be used within 3 months from date of issue): €60

Three (3) Months Multiple Entry Visa: €75

Six (6) Months Multiple Entry Visa: €100

Twelve (12) Months Multiple Entry Visa: €150

Express Visa Attracts: Double Fee

Visa application fees are non-refundable.

Cash payments not acceptable.

Payment should be made by Bank Transfer to the following bank details:

Bank: Turkiye Is Bankasi A.S.
Branch Name: Koroglu Street / ANKARA
Branch Number: 4234
Customer Name: Embassy of Ghana
Customer ID: 271149241Account Number: 4234-0445946
Currency: EUR
IBAN: TR69 0006 4000 0024 2340 4459 46

Yellow fever vaccination requirement for travellers across the frontiers of Ghana

Yellow fever is an acute viral infection transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes. It is endemic and epidemic in several countries in Africa, South America and Caribbean Islands. Case fatality rate is high in classic yellow fever epidemics. There is no curative medical treatment but however highly preventable by vaccination.

In accordance with the International Health Regulations IHR2005 which involves the below:

  • Article 36(Certification of vaccination or other prophylaxis)
  • Annex 6(Vaccination, prophylaxis and related certificates)
  • Annex 7(Requirements concerning vaccination or prophylaxis for specific diseases)

All travellers above nine(9) months old coming into Ghana are required to have been vaccinated against Yellow fever at least Ten days before the proposed date of travel and where already vaccinated the duration of the vaccination status should not be more than Ten years before entering Ghana.

Ghana is one of the countries at the risk of Yellow Fever transmission, hence the need for all travellers (including those coming from countries with no risk to yellow fever) to Ghana to have a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate or records indicating their protection from yellow fever.

As a result, Health officials at all ports of entry carry out vigorous checks on travel documents with respect to Yellow fever vaccination certificates in accordance with Article 36 and Annex 6 as depicted above.

An application for a visa takes minimum five (5) working days to process.