Renunciation of Ghanaian Citizenship

Applicants applying to renounce their Ghanaian citizenship must submit a duly completed Declaration of Renunciation of Citizenship of Ghana Form.
Applicants must also submit the following in addition to the Form;

  1. The applicant may address a formal letter in this respect to the Minister for the Interior through this Embassy.
  2. The application should be accompanied by detailed Curriculum Vitae of the applicant, clearly stating the name and current address of his/her parents as well as indicating whether he/she is in any way indebted to the Government of Ghana by way of bond, scholarship or otherwise.
  3. After fulfilling the above requirements, the appropriate forms will be sold to the applicant by the Minister for the Interior for completion at a fee of four hundred (400) Euros.
  4. The completed forms should be returned with two (2) passport size pictures and a letter of warranty (uittreksel) from the Municipality in which the applicants resides. This warranty should be translated into English and both versions attached to the application. All applicants should also attach their current Ghana passport.
  5. The submitted documents will then be forwarded to the Minister of Interior in Accra for consideration. Upon approval, the Minister of Interior would issue a Renunciation Certificate and forward it to this Embassy for onward delivery to the Applicant.
  6. It may be pointed out that the renunciation becomes legal only after the renunciation certificate has been issued.
  7. Please note that you will be notified when mission receives the appropriate documents from the Ministry of the Interior of Ghana. Applicants are therefore advised to apply for renunciation of Ghanaian nationality at an early stage of their procedure for acquiring Turkish nationality.

Renunciation of Citizenship of Ghana Form

Please download the form and fill all the fields completely and correctly.